Scholarship Progam

Scholarship applications are accepted throughout the year

The Montessori School of Charlottesville awards scholarships to families each year. Applications from new families should be submitted with the Enrollment Application. Renewal Applications are due prior to March 15th to be considered for the following school year. Once our school has awarded a scholarship to a family it is our intent to maintain the same level of support throughout their enrollment unless the family’s financial circumstances change.

 Our school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender in the administration of its educational mission.

This policy applies to all aspects of the school, including admissions, employment, and scholarship programs.
            The Scholarship program is set up to primarily meet financial need.  Other factors also are considered, including number of children enrolled at our school, length of commitment to our school, siblings in tuition-based schools, and other personal and financial circumstances.  Funding is set aside to address the specific goals of increasing cultural, racial and ethnic diversity and to extend a child’s enrollment through their kindergarten year. 

The application procedure is a two-part process.  The majority of financial information is provided through the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. Parents submit information through this portal:  School and Student Services  There is a fee of $47 to access the system.  Parents are automatically awarded a waiver of the fee if their income makes their family eligible for the federal free-lunch program.  Our school has purchased additional waivers for families.  If you get to the payment section and your family does not automatically get a waiver please email and request one.  These waivers will be available to families with household incomes under $35,000 only.

The parent and the school are provided a Report of Family Contribution.  This report is then used by the school to assist in the scholarship decision.  The amount given on the report is not the amount that the school will be able to offer; it will be a percentage of that amount.
            In addition to the financial report sent to SSS, an application must be submitted to the school with a copy of IRS 1040 attached.  This application provides additional information to be considered by the school and is available for download below.
            Any questions about the Scholarship program should be directed to Lindsey Munson in the school office at 295-0029.

The school code for the SSS form is 3151.