We did it! We successfully raised $75,000 to meet the challenge grant from the Perry Foundation!!

Many thanks to the 180+ donors who helped us raise $165,000


Building Peace Campaign
for Montessori School
of Charlottesville

Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.
— Maria Montessori


Why a capital campaign?

In 2018, the Montessori School of Charlottesville is seeking to raise $150,000 of the total cost of $400,000 to build a new detached addition to the Gordon Avenue location that will serve as the toddler classroom. The Gordon Avenue location is currently underutilized. The layout of the space (upstairs and downstairs) requires us to have four teachers in our Primary class, double the traditional number. By building a new classroom for the toddlers, the current toddler classroom can then be used for a second primary classroom. We would not need to hire any additional teachers to add a second primary classroom, yet would be able to enroll 17 more students.


Enrolling 17 more students will generate approximately $155,000 annually for the school in tuition. Our goal is to have half of this amount go towards scholarships each year, greatly increasing our ability to offer full scholarships to deserving families who might not otherwise have the opportunity to gain a strong early childhood education.  We project that by the end of the second year we will be able to increase our annual scholarship budget from $55,000 to $120,000, meeting our goal of allocating 10% of projected tuition income to deserving families.

We are proud of our cultural diversity, both with our families and our staff; however, scholarship funding is crucial to our efforts to increase racial and socio-economic diversity. Additionally, the cost of living in Charlottesville has far outpaced wage increases, and so we have a critical need to bridge the growing gap between wages and the cost of childcare through scholarship funding.


MSC view.jpg


At approximately 1,260 square feet, the new addition will feature a toddler classroom, a much-needed meeting area for staff, parents and visitors, and essential storage space. It will have a beautiful porch onto the playground and lots of natural light.

Along with the building we hope to enhance our outdoor environment with new gardens, climbing structure and outdoor storage for the children’s tools.