Enrollment Process


Toddler Community

21 months - 3 yrs

The Toddler class is open to children ages 21 months to three years. Toddlers typically start at the beginning of the school year in late August. Occasionally there is an opening in January if a child moves into the Primary class. When we have a January opening, we enroll younger siblings of children already at the school first, and then consider new applicants. Children are accepted whose families share the goals of the School and who have sufficient maturity to be comfortable in the classroom environment. Placement is made with consideration for maintaining a balance of age, gender, racial and cultural diversity, and numbers of children in each developmental stage. Children who are under the age of 2 at the beginning of the year may return to the same classroom for a portion of the following year.



Primary Community

3-5 yrs

A new child who is 3 by end of October will be placed in a Primary classroom. After being placed in a primary class, a child will remain in the same class through kindergarten, which is typically three years. Efforts are made to create a healthy mix of ages, gender, and cultural backgrounds in each class.  The children in the final year of a Primary program (kindergarten) are a vital component to the classroom. For this reason, we ask families to consider their plans for kindergarten prior to enrolling their child in a Primary classroom.  Placement decisions are influenced by a family's commitment to completion of the full Primary cycle.



Admission requirements

Please mail the form and
the $40 application fee to:

Montessori School of Charlottesville
631 Cutler Lane
Charlottesville, VA  22901

1.  Review The Learning Environment page to determine the appropriate classroom for your child. 

2.  Fill out the
Visit Our School form and Schedule an appointment with the Administrator to have any questions answered and observe in a classroom. We ask that you come on this visit without your child.

3. Submission of the application forms, including the $35 application fee.  Click here to view and print Application Form. Any evaluation from previous Schools should also be included. It is especially important that the application have your complete mailing address (including zipcode).

Applications are taken beginning in October each year. If you want your child to be considered for any openings during the current school year, please send in the application as soon as possible and make a note that you would like an earlier start date.

We start responding to Toddler applications for the next Fall session as soon as possible (usually by late November). For Primary applications we respond after our re-enrollment of current families is complete in December.  When we complete that process, we are able to offer spaces to new families.

Once the initial enrollment is done we are able to respond to applications on a rolling basis when they are submitted.

4. Following acceptance by the School, the Tuition Deposit of $500 must be paid upon signing of Enrollment Agreement to reserve space for the child. By paying the tuition deposit a family is committing to pay tuition for the school year.  If an unexpected move occurs the School will work to fill the child's space but the family remains obligated to pay tuition until the space is filled.  Before the first day of School, each child must have submitted the emergency card and current medical form, as well as the first tuition payment. Parents are also required to show proof of a child's identity by showing the Administrator the original Birth Certificate. 
After paying the tuition deposit, the remaining tuition can be paid in several ways. If you choose to make more than one payment, a surcharge is added to each payment. You can find payment options on the Tuition Schedule. Click here to view and print Tuition Schedule.

All acceptances for enrollment are provisional during the first six weeks of each child's matriculation, during which the parents should stay in close communication with the teachers as an aid in the child's adjustment to School.

For information about our Scholarship Program, click here.

For any questions about this process, call Lindsey at (434) 295-0029

The Montessori School of Charlottesville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of its educational mission. This policy applies to all aspects of the school, including admissions, employment, and scholarship programs.